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Designed specifically for conservation and museum professionals, the Connolux provides optimum illumination for a broad range of activities.


  • High Intensity, tunable light source
  • Broad coverage with even illumination
  • Ideal for examining artworks large and small


  •  Exceptional color appearance and accuracy
  • Optimized for critical tasks such as cleaning and inpainting
  • Color temperature filters to emulate different exhibition lighting scenarios


  •  Compatible with standard photography equipment

Through offering the user complete control and broad functionality, the Connolux Studio Lamp is the only lamp you need.


VERSATILE: Functions as a task lamp, general source of illumination, or photo studio light.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Adjustable components and accessories allow the user to control the pattern of light coverage and intensity for specific tasks.

HARNESSES THE BENEFITS OF DAYLIGHT: Provides diffuse, even, and bright illumination akin to natural light, and blends with available daylight and general room illumination.

EXCEPTIONAL COLOR APPEARANCE AND ACCURACY: Provides a neutral colored light source with extremely high color rendering accuracy.

PROMOTES FOCUS: With broad coverage and high intensity, the lamp can be placed outside the immediate work zone, reducing visual noise and minimizing workflow interruptions.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: LED lighting provides superior performance at a fraction of conventional lighting sources.


  • Light Head with attached Barn Doors
  • Control Box with an intensity control knob
  • Swivel Mount and Light Head Stud useable with any standard photographic mount.
  • Light Head Extension Cord to provide a range of positioning
  • Reflector to direct light source
  • 3 Color Temperature Filters (see Coloring Rendering for use)
  • 3 Diffusing Filters (see Distribution page for use)
  • 2 Filter Holders and 8 Magnets for easy assembly


Contact us for further information about the Connolux Studio Lamp.